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As a cosmetologist and barber for 30 years, I completely understand the necessity of having a good hair product to ensure our customers can look and experience their best. Our products are carefully crafted with healthy ingredients & essential vitamins; furthermore, they are paraben and sulfate-free. The concept of the MJNAI brand is a family inspiration by which I utilized the first initial of each of my children:  Micah, Judah, Nyjah, Asjah & Indyah. This brand is amazing and I'm so convinced of the MJNAI product line that not only am I the owner but also a customer!!! 

Our Story

Barber’s Grooming Tips

Your hair deserves a spa date with our "Detoxify" shampoo. A perfect balance of hydration and deep cleansing leaving your scalp healthy, nourished and refreshed.


Because razors and hair removal cremes can be harsh and damaging to the skin, we crafted the perfect "Lather" which is so versatile and gentle that it can even be used as a facial wash or shampoo. Your skin will say, "Thank you".






After your detoxification experience the next session is to introduce your hair to rehabilitation with our masculine scented "Therapy" conditioner.


The completion of today's treatment consist of a facial massage with our healing and replenishing "Balm" that leaves the skin perfectly hydrated due to the soothing elements and ingredients that have been prescribed as a hand and body lotion as well as an aftershave.

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